About the Sourcing Hub

What is the Sourcing Hub?

The Sourcing Hub is a database with risk data relating to timber and agricultural commodities. The database covers legality risks and offers specific guidance on how to mitigate identified risks. Please select a country and commodity in the search field to explore our data.

The risk data on the Sourcing Hub is the result of detailed risk assessments developed by Preferred by Nature. You can read more about our approach under the RISK ASSESSMENT METHODOLOGY tab. Since 2017, the Sourcing Hub has continuously evolved, updated and published new risk assessments on countries worldwide.

We are currently working to expand the Sourcing Hub to also cover risks related to sustainability criteria (incl. deforestation) and we will cover a wider range of commodities in the future (incl. soy, beef, palm oil, wood, cocoa, coffee and rubber).

The database constantly evolves, and we strive to update the risk assessments whenever the underlying data changes. You can stay informed about updates by subscribing to our newsletter, the Sourcing Hub Update HERE.

All our risk data is publicly available, and we depend on support from the public to keep it updated. If you have a request for an update, please get in touch with us via e-mail to  sourcinghub@preferredbynature.org

Major submissions, such as a request to add a country not currently covered or adding a new commodity, require funding. The Sourcing Hub depends on funding to keep the database updated and freely available. By supporting the Sourcing Hub, you can help us to provide our users with free updated data in the future too.

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