Map Your Supply Chain

Mapping of supply chain and obtaining accurate information on species and origin can be challenging

in Gabon.

Supply chain mapping is particularly difficult in Gabon due to the often-high number of sub-suppliers,

the complexity of supply chains, and challenges concerning supply-chain transparency and frequently

occurring traceability information gaps within supply chains.

Document to verify the trade links
Trade and transport from Forest/Farm
  • Commercial invoice
Trade/Transport between supply chain entities
  • Commercial invoice
Document to verify key entities in a supply chain
Processing/production and trade
  • Shipping notes
  • Sales invoices
  • Transport slip for sawn wood products
  • Specification sheet for the exported products
  • Packaging certificate (Certificat d’empotage)
  • Trader's card (fiche circuit) or accreditation issued by the Ministry of Commerce in the company’s name (Fiche circuit ou agrément délivré par le Ministère du Commerce au nom de l’entreprise)
  • Exporter’s certificate of good standing
  • Trade and transport documents
  • Commercial invoice
  • Land tenancy contract in force
  • Professional forestry accreditation
  • Articles of association of the legal association representing the community
  • Declaration of export of goods (La déclaration d’exportation des biens)
  • Authorisation from the customs office for the release of goods for export or import (Autorisation donnée par la douane d'enlever une marchandise pour exportation ou importation)
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