Legally Required Document

Certificate of deposit

Title in original language: Attestation de dépôt de la caution bancaire
Holder of Document: Certificate of deposit: Concession holder. The Forests Ministry (MINFOF) and Finance Ministry (MINFI) should hold a duplicate 
Signature required by:
Decree: Prime Minister / Certificate: Government Treasury (Trésor public)
Key considerations when checking the doc:
Is the Certificate signed and stamped by the Government Treasury (Trésor Public) / Ministry of Finance (MINFI)?
When was the Certificate issued?
Purpose and content of document:
Official document indicating that the deposit related to the forest concession’s attribution process has been done by the concession holder
Evidence limitations and weaknesses:
The decree is endorsing the logging contract. It is therefore important to also read the contract to find the obligations weighting on the concession holder. The Certificate does not guarantee that other documents required for forest attribution have been submitted, nor the whole process followed regularly.
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