Legally Required Document

Specific terms and conditions of the agreement

Holder of Document: Ministerial Order: Public document (published in the national Official Journal). The Forest Ministry and the concession holder have a duplicate.

Agreement and Terms and conditions: Forest operator and the Forest Ministry
Signature required by:
Minister in charge of forestry
Purpose and content of document:
The three documents are linked to one another: Ministerial Order endorsing the attribution of a forest concession to a forest operator and the agreement agreed between the operator and the State.  Agreement (contractual document) concluded between the forestry company and the state. It indicates in particular the forests concerned, the period of validity, the conditions of renewal, the distribution of the company's share capital as well as the extra-legal commitments that the company makes (investments, management, transformation, etc.). Official document indicating the specific terms and conditions weighing on the forest operator. It contains in particular a list of investments, infrastructures and community work that the company must realize over time, during the period of validity of the agreement.
Evidence limitations and weaknesses:
The Ministerial Order does not highlight that the official procedure has been implemented (public call for tender, complete application, regular time frame, etc.)

The agreement and its terms and conditions are not evidence that obligations contained therein are complied with.
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