Legally Required Document

Export verification declaration

Title in original language: Attestation de vérification d’export
Holder of Document: Exporter, SCPFE, Foreign trade Ministry 
Signature required by:

Chamber of commerce

Foreign trade Ministry
Key considerations when checking the doc:
Are the products mentioned in the documents in line with the products actually exported/imported?

Are the volumes mentioned in line with the volumes actually exported/imported?

Are the documents signed and stamped by appropriate authorities?
Purpose and content of document:
The SCPFE issues the export verification declaration (AVE) based on physical checks on the products for export. A comparison is made with the information on the specification sheet, the relevant logging title, the FOB prices, and the quantities of wood produced by the logging operator (notably for wood exported in logs). The chamber of commerce is issuing a certificate of origin.  At the end of the procedure, the foreign trade administration issues a certificate of conformity that authorises the wood for embarkation.
Evidence limitations and weaknesses:
Despite issuance of those documents, fraud can exist in relation to logs quotas export and payment of taxes.
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